Thank you for visiting the Southern California Home of the multigenerational Doodle specializing in the multigenerational “Red” Goldendoodle. We also now offer the Miniture Goldendoodle “mini’s” in the 20 to 40 pound range. We serve all of California, Nevada and Arizona. [Other states welcome to inquire] These dogs are bred for their companion disposition, intelligence , [rated in top 4 most intelligent breeds], looks [both traditional and curly] and for  being known as the most hypoallergenic of all the Doodles. I have been breeding dogs for over 20 years and still love it as much today as when I began! I am here to answer as many questions as you may have or at least find an answer for you!. Maggie May Doodle is first, my beloved companion and friend,  house raised and bred . She is also CKC registered and has successfully undergone  OFA Genetic testing  for Hips and Eyes and is certified for both, as are all our breeding dogs. Maggie is a f1 Goldendoodle which means she is 50% Golden Retriever and 50% Poodle.  I bred Maggie on her third heat  cycle to Levi, a handsome and gentle apricot AKC,CKC Standard Poodle. This breeding produced F1b Goldendoodles [9-5-11], meaning they are 25% Golden Retriever and 75% Poodle. [ Hilde’s pic is to right, apricot/red F1b goldendoodle from Maggie and Levi] These puppies ,the F1b and the multigenerational litters  tend to be more hypoallergenic with no or very little shedding. All Puppies are house born,raised and socialized with tender loving care. Duke is  our CKC, fun loving F1b Goldendoodle Stud who has produced many beautiful litters with several therapy dogs and service dogs . Gloriasgoldendoodles also donates puppies to the “Canine Support Teams” to be trained as Service dogs.

  All our  pups are in home born and raised.. These multigenerational Doodles are 25 % Golden Retriever and 75% Standard Poodle  some [F2b] are 62.5% Poodle and 37.5% Golden Retriever. All our breeding dogs are certified by OFA for Hips and eyes and DNA tested by PAWPrint Genetics for inheritable diseases. . Investing in a multigenerational puppy means that you will receive the preferred characteristics of the Doodle such as eager to please personalities,teddy bear like soft hair,overall good looks, very intelligent, hypo-allergenic,very low to no shedding; these dogs make excellent therapy and service dogs. In addition to the Goldendoodle being an athletic dog, they have great swimming and agility skills.. Deposits being accepted now for future litters. Puppies will be ready  for their new homes eight weeks after being whelped... All pups come with a healthy puppy guarantee as new owner gets healthy VET check within 3 days of take home of puppy.


Important Facts on the Standard Poodle                            

What most people don't know about the poodle is.....they were not bred to be fufu dogs. 

1.  They were originally bred for hunting

2.  They are wonderful retrievers and love the water.

3.  They are highly intelligent and easy to train

4.  They DO NOT have to be shaved or clipped in a typical  Fufu hair cut and they look very beautiful when given a great clip!

5.  They love people and love to be with people

6.  They sometimes seem to know exactly how you feel as they are highly intuitive and sensitive to your feelings

7.  They are non shedding and are wonderful for people with allergies



F1. A GoldenRetriever bred to a Standard Poodle [first generation [50/50] in percentages [shedding varies ]

F1b. A Poodle bred to a first generation F1 Doodle ;75% poodle, 25 % Golden Retriever[ recommended for people with allergies  more than the F1]

F2. A F1 Doodle bred to a F1 Doodle [second generation ] still [50/50]


                              [AKA Multigens]

Multi-Gen- A puppy is classified as multi-generational when both parents are Goldendoodles. - One parent must be an F1B or higher. A Poodle bred to an F1b Doodle is also considered a Multigen.

F2b. A F1 Doodle bred to an F1b Doodle producing 62.5 % Poodle , 37.5% Golden Retriever . These Multigens are recommended for people with moderate to severe allergies.

F3. An F1b bred to an F2. these offspring will have a higher success rate for non shedding that an F1 or F2 .

F3. Some also consider the F1b bred to another F1b an  F3.[ Multigenerational] ]

A sporty /flat coat Doodle may be produced by breeding 2 Doodles if both carry the IC gene.[All F1’s carry this gene ,some F1b’s do] .They  look more like Retrievers but usually shed less] Our males are tested for IC gene. Duke carries it, Rudy does not.

F1bb.  F1b Doodle bred to a Poodle is called F1bb. These dogs are great for folks with severe allergies but still want the doodle look. 87.5% Poodle & 12.5% Golden Retriever.A sporty /flat coatDoodle may be produced by 2 Doodles if both carry the IC gene.[All F1’s carry this gene] the look more like Retrievers but usually shed less] when one parent carries IC gene, the coat is usually non shedding but similar to an F1.

F2bb. An F2b bred back to a Poodle is called an F2bb.These Doodles are also great for folks with more severe allergies.

If a poodle is bred back to a wavy coated Multigenerational Doodle, most  pups will have almost  the exact same coat and gene mix as the F1b generation.


Standard= above 50 pounds

Mediums= 40-50 pounds

mini’s=       20 -35   pounds

toys=          10 to 15  pound range


Congratulations to “Bronco” [below] who just graduated from Canine Support Training and now is a certified Service Dog [Jan 2016]

things you might like to know...Professional photography by
CKC , AKC parents when applicable

         after proof of spay/neuter.  

1  Yr Genetic Health Guarantee and all

         puppies come with a Health Certificate

         from the VET.

All age appropriate vaccinations , and    

        deworming with Puppy records. 

        Microchips for each puppy. Guaranteed     

          healthy puppy and Genetic Guarantee.

Puppy blanket  with  moms scent ,

         Puppy food and Probiotics for transition

        to new home and take home collar/leash.







Christmas pics-2016

Hilde /Duke pups @ 1 year . Daisy [above] Maverick-[below]